Tuesday, 30 September 2014



KISUMU county Women representative Rose Nyamunga has come out gun blazing condemning an ugly incident in which ex-premier Raila Odinga was caned by an elderly man in Kwale for allegedly dancing with the man’s wife.

Nyamunga rubbished claims that the elderly man who attacked Raila and Kwale governor Salim Mvurya was a mad person.

The elderly man was stopped and whisked away by security guards but only after he managed to beat the two politicians.

Nyamunga ruled out already advanced excuses including a claim that the old man was a known mad person in the region and questioned why he only managed to settle on the two leaders in such a packed gathering.

The women leader has also differed with governor Mvurya on his attempts to downplay things by stating that it was within their culture for such crude actions to be meted on leaders during such occasions.

‘ Theirs is nothing like culture in this matter, many leaders including former heads of state visited the region and they were never treated to such embarrassing moments and again the former PM could have been informed in advance if it was true it’s a cherished culture within the community’’, Nyamunga pointed out.

She called on the government to consider beefing up CORD leader’s security saying it was wrong for the government to act negatively on matters to do with security.

The rally, which was attended by ODM officials, was interrupted by the incident but was hurriedly sorted out the man being guarded to ensure he does not spin out of control, again.

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