Tuesday, 15 September 2015


An artificial conflict between the Luhyia and Luo communities is being brewed by the detractors of CORD regarding the so-called Maseno boundary.

Speaking to press a section of Kisumu residents led by Willis Osir cautioned all CORD supporters in Vihiga and Kisumu counties not to be trapped by detractors, led by Governor Akaranga, into an unnecessary conflict in Maseno.

They claimed Amani National Congress is crying for attention in Luhyialand by creating conflict between the Luhyia and their neighbors.

Osir noted that drawing Prime Minister Raila Odinga's name into the issue demonstrates the ill motives of the promoters of this evil agenda.

‘’They want division in the CORD family so that they can harvest the spoils’’ he added.

The residents appealed two communities around Maseno to continue living in peace and to dismiss Akaranga's mischievous intentions with the contempt they deserve.

Some leaders have suggested a wall be built at Maseno to solve the border dispute between Kisumu and Vihiga counties.

The proposal was made during a meeting between elders and sub county peace committee members at Ojola, Kisumu North Sub County.

Kisumu residents said the wall, similar to the 1,000km one being put up on the Kenya-Somalia border, will stop destruction of property by their neighbours from Vihiga County.

According to Osir, the colonial demarcation should not be viewed to mean that one cannot purchase land outside his community adding that everyone has a constitutional right to live in any part of the country.