Friday, 12 September 2014


THE family of the US president Barrack Obama,has made a sensational  claim implicating former Kenyan President Moi for assassinating  Obama senior in a stage managed fatal road accident.

The family further states that the former president Moi’s  regime could have been led into assassinating  the black economist,after he was falsely associated with the abortive coup attempt.

In the book, The Rise and Life of a true African leader, authored by President Obama’s brother, Malik Obama alonside Frank Oyoo, the family suspects that the late Jaramogi Oginga’s political infighting with the government of the day, could have been one of the theories behind his death as most luo scholars were believed to be involved in the coup.

‘’That was mistakenly misunderstood then, Barrack never knew anything concerning the military takeover’’, emphasized Mr. Hawa, the sister to the late senior Obama who described him as a true democrat.

According to the book printed in the United States Of America, Obama, who was arguably a successful drunkard, had not takeN alcohol in the last three days when prior to his death,following alleged brutal freak accident few meters from the convergence of Ngong road and Elgon Road in Kenyan’s capital city of Nairobi.

Eyewitnesses who recorded statement with the traffic department said Obama while cruising in  his imported Chevrolet pickup, in an attempt to avoid head-on collision with a speeding salon car, veered off the road and hit a tree, killing him instantly.

The family is baffled with the fact that, Obama never sustained serious injuries at the time of the accident despite the, ugly carnage.

''What was the motive of car hitting the tree trunk?Then there was lack of injuries to kill him instantly.And who?or what was the motive? Could it be that the government was involved’’, some of the blood chilling questions posed in the book.

In the eve to Obama’s death, the martial court, in an attempt to bring to book abortive coup suspects, had ordered arrest warrant for the Ugenya Member Of parliament James Orengo, then a close ally to the former.

Malik Obama,in his book treats the  government’s response after the death of his father as a suspect, as the accident and the subsequent demise of the Harvard scholar never hit the airwaves , as it would be the case to other prominent people in the government.

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