Wednesday, 8 October 2014



RESIDENTS of Kisumu have raised red flag over the increasing number of   stripping business in town as club owners shop for underage exotic dancers.

School going girls turned strippers drawn from secondary schools and colleges within Kisumu town including Maseno University have taken the lakeside town by storm after they opted for serious pole-dancing as an avenue of getting extra pocket money.

The famous signature club and it’s fierce rival Buccaneers both strategically located stone throw away from lake Victoria have been put on the spotlight after it emerged that they recruit underage girls who are out to do all manner of activities in exchange of money.

Both joints remain crowded every day as strippers give guys special attention though those privy to the strip dancing business would recommend Fridays and Saturdays  that have assumed the name Kamasutra nights.

A furious group of youth led by Kisumu TNA activist James Kirunda has threatened to storm regional governor’s office should the governor Jack Raguma fail to intervene and stop the trend with immediate effect.

‘It’s alarming that our young girls are turning into strippers with full blessings of the governors office and as concerned youth who are out to see sanity in Kisumu we are petitioning the governor to take quick action before we stage a serious demonstration’’, Kirunda posed.

The young strippers have equally received continuers warning from their older counterparts who have accused them of ‘spoiling the business’ given that most clients prefer the seriousness and vigour they apply while performing as opposed to their rival old guards who are weak on stage.

Signature Club took the earliest opportunity to conquer the stripping business in Kisumu before its success saw the entrance of its only rival Buccaneers in a business that was first introduced in Kenya by Apple beez, the ultimate Nairobi’s top strip club. 

Just like any other strip Club, twin Strip clubs in Kisumu are known for loud music and a customer has to shout to order drink apart from observing dressing code for male clients.

Recently this writer while on a fact finding mission was met with a rude shock when security guards at Buccaneers denied him entry for turning up in ‘akala’, traditional slippers.

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