Wednesday, 9 December 2015


A senior Administration Police officer in Kisumu is under investigation following an ugly incident in which he stormed a local club drunk before shooting a customer in a gun drama.

Reports by the victim and other eye witnesses indicate that the gun wielding officer who was in company of three women brandished his pistol threatening to shoot in the club but was subdued and disarmed.

It's in this process that one of the revellers was shot in the leg and later rushed to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga referral hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Trouble started when one of the women in the officer's company hurled unprintable abuses at a group of other revellers while inside elevator leading to the club's floor prompting an immediate heated argument.

It was at this point that the officer withdrew his gun and threatened to shoot at the group on the ground that his women were offended but the panicking revellers managed to disarm him.

However, he was later handed back the gun upon pleading and identifying himself as a cop but surprisingly engaged the group in a fresh war,this time round literally chasing them with his gun on target.

Irate customers wrestled the evidently drunk officer in an attempt to snatch away the gun from him and in the process one person got shot in the leg as others scampered for safety.

A contingent of Administration Police officers drawn from the dreaded Quick Response Unit who were on patrol later traced the injured man to the hospital before bundling him into the police Land-cruiser, as he waited on the line to be treated, to the surprise of nurses and other patients.

The team which was taking orders from the officer identified as inspector Mike later drove the injured man in a pool of blood to another house in the sprawling Manyatta Estate where they fished out another man from his house and beat him senselessly.

''I was sleeping when at around 3 am a group of police men armed with rungus broke into my house before they started clobbering me on accusations that i was part of the group at the club'', said the man who is still reeling in pain.

It's reported that the man was forced to swim in sewage water while being clobbered as Inspector Mike and his women watched from his probox car.

One of the revellers reported the gun drama at Kisumu Central Police Station under OB no. 03/12/15.

Nyanza province regional coordinator Francis Mutei vowed to take stern action against the officer for misconduct.

''That was very dangerous and it was just by the Grace of God otherwise it could have been another story by now,many lives could have been lost'', lamented Mutei.

Mutei who is the regional security committee chairman said it was sad that his juniors were trying to hide the incident from him only to get the story from his civilian intelligence.

A police officer at Central Police station who declined to be named given that he's not authorized to speak to the press, said the AP was later arrested,locked at the station and released the following morning.