Monday, 1 September 2014



RAFIKI Bank Kisumu branch manager has been caught in a trouser dropping scandal after his two wives accused him of abandoning them for a woman he’s currently eloping with in one of the posh estates in the lake side City.

The two co-wives have now ganged up against the two love birds now in a hide and seek game after their illicit love affair became the talk of the town.

Sources privy to the development revealed that the two women have vowed to ensure that they dim every chances that may make their man go for a third wife.

Troubled Mr. Erick Okinyi Tolo has been operating from her ‘Mpango wa Kando’ house in the prestigious Lolwe estate at the expense of his three children, said to be going hungry.

Drama started after a spy planted by one of the manager’s wives reported a shocking revelation that a well paid Mr.Tolo was frequently spotted hopping from club to club tagged along with the young lady after which they retire at their Lolwe home.

Efforts by both women to convince Mr.Tolo back to his senses have bored no fruits after he adamantly told them off that nothing will make him break his love with the woman.

The lady only identified as Nicole common figure at Kisumu high-end clubs and sources close to her indicated that she’s a frequent visitor to Tanzania, a country that hosts her witch-doctor who supplies her with powerful love portion.

Nicole’s name also prominently features in the list of Kisumu modern prostitute targeting wealthy men only to trick them into impregnating them before they stage manage a break up followed with a legal tussle demanding for wealth sharing.

Staff at the Bank privy to the love triangle can only talk of the matter in a whispering tone as they are afraid of facing their boss for fear of victimization, despite the fact that the man is currently evidently less productive at his work place.

Mr. Tolo whose first wife leaves in the sprawling manyatta estate with the second one leaving with a relative has become a laughing stock in the town given his newly acquired shocking drinking style.

According to a well placed source the two woman now plans to storm the two love birds at their drinking joints with a view of stripping them stiff naked in front of the public, should Mr.Tolo hesitate to come back to his suffering family.

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