Tuesday, 30 September 2014



KISUMU county Women representative Rose Nyamunga has come out gun blazing condemning an ugly incident in which ex-premier Raila Odinga was caned by an elderly man in Kwale for allegedly dancing with the man’s wife.

Nyamunga rubbished claims that the elderly man who attacked Raila and Kwale governor Salim Mvurya was a mad person.

The elderly man was stopped and whisked away by security guards but only after he managed to beat the two politicians.

Nyamunga ruled out already advanced excuses including a claim that the old man was a known mad person in the region and questioned why he only managed to settle on the two leaders in such a packed gathering.

The women leader has also differed with governor Mvurya on his attempts to downplay things by stating that it was within their culture for such crude actions to be meted on leaders during such occasions.

‘ Theirs is nothing like culture in this matter, many leaders including former heads of state visited the region and they were never treated to such embarrassing moments and again the former PM could have been informed in advance if it was true it’s a cherished culture within the community’’, Nyamunga pointed out.

She called on the government to consider beefing up CORD leader’s security saying it was wrong for the government to act negatively on matters to do with security.

The rally, which was attended by ODM officials, was interrupted by the incident but was hurriedly sorted out the man being guarded to ensure he does not spin out of control, again.



KISUMU City manager last week broke down into tears when she narrated how thugs threatened to kill her elderly mother following her harsh orders that saw millions of shillings lost during a night demolition of the controversial Oile market.

Addressing affected traders at County hall during a tension packed meeting Mrs. Dorice Ombara sensationally claimed there were threats to kill her 81 yr old mother who resides at the volatile Kondele Estate.

The meeting had been called to root out a standoff between two groups of traders after the group that had been earlier ejected from Oile market defied orders to move their activities to the congested Jubilee market.

Kisumu deputy governor Ruth Odinga who was the chair of the illegal meeting conducted despite the matter being in court however distanced herself from Mrs.Ombara's trouble and told her off that she overstepped her mandates when she ordered police officer to carry out demolition in the middle of night.

Mrs. Ombara who has remained at the center of controversy following the demolition of a market that hosted more than 400 traders, loudly wondered whether the position was offered to her as a way of inviting trouble to her innocent family.

''The matter is giving my whole family sleepless nights and as we speak here i was in Nairobi the other day to rush my son to Nairobi hospital after he developed depression following constant death threats the family has been receiving'', said Ombara, who acknowledged the meeting was treated as court contempt. 

Oile traders quickly went to court to seek redress when every attempt including street protests,  to stop the county government from changing the market into a park failed

During the meeting it emerged traders ejected from Oile market had identified another location within the city as opposed to the directives by the county government for the group to join other traders at the Jubilee market, a directive that was equally protested on grounds that the offered place was already congested.

Also speaking during the meeting Kisumu county women representative Rose Nyamunga downplayed matters by promising she will ensure that the affected traders get a better place to carry on their activities.

Thursday, 18 September 2014



TOP police officers in Nyanza region have called on the residents of Kisumu to maintain calm as investigations intensified against the police officer connected to a series of robbery incidences at the lakeside City.

A senior AP was among the victims who positively identified the police officer attached to Kisumu central police station after a robbery incident that saw him lost over sh.200,000.

Speaking to the press at their respective  offices Nyanza police regional Co-coordinator Charles Narangwe and regional County commandant Gradus Atinda vowed to stamp out criminal elements in the area despite the fact that the two sharply clashed over the manner at which the recent robberies were handled.

As much as Narangwe maintained that the police acted within the law to gun down an AP and his accomplices in a recently botched robbery Atinda has questioned the manner in which the operation was conducted.

Mr. Atinda said that it was wrong for the trigger happy police officers to gun down suspected criminals who however did not show any sign of resistance by the time the police busted them at their hideout in the sprawling Manyatta estate.

The killing of the AP who was on his holiday resulted to a standoff between the two security organs with reports from other media indicating that irate APs armed to the teeth immediately stormed Kisumu police station in protest of brutal killing of their colleague.

The AP Commandant was quick to argue that the manner at which the AP was killed in his house before his family members including a child was a pointer to the fact that the those involved in the killing were looking for a cover up in what could be racket between them and the slain officer.

According to Atinda, the junior officer was trailed by the police to his house where he was handcuffed before he met his death.

However, Narangwe has maintained that his officers acted within the law by shooting the AP adding that the police is not ready to spare any criminal irrespective of their position in the society.

He further denied that the AP was handcuffed before he was shot and said the police officers who carried out the raid made the response after the AP attempted to fire at the police.

The Nyanza chief police officer added that his officer had no hard feelings towards their AP counterparts and called on them to corporate in fighting crime in the region.

He said Police service was a disciplined unit and a number of rogue police officers have been shown the door over petty offenses and tabled as an example a police officer sacked and charged in court for releasing a chang'aa dealer from the police custody without the knowledge of the OCS.

''If we can sack over such offend that may appear to be petty then it's totally outrageous for one to claim that we have defended someone suspected to be behind robbery'', Narangwe posed.



KISUMU County women Representative Rose Nyamunga has partnered with an international donor in a programme christened football for water,sanitation and hygiene to offer related rights in an integrated manner in the Kenyan Schools.

Under the programme which will consume sh. 60 million, 54 targeted schools for a just,cohesive and equitable education development in a clean and secure environment as outlined in Kenyan's vision 2030.

Speaking during the launch of the programme at Karanda primary school in Ahero, Nyando district, the women Representative  called for the promotion of girl child education noting that this was the only avenue that will help the group to competitively engage their male counterparts in the job market.

The colourful ceremony also saw the attendance of  SANA international director prof. Adongo and Kisumu County minister for water ,energy and national resources prof. Barrack Abonyo who was the chief guest.

Prof. Abonyo said that his office is currently working on a plan aimed at ensuring that all schools across the county enjoy electricity connection, good sanitation as a way of promoting education.

SANA project has a population of 7000 pupils including 3,600 boys and 3400 girls and according to prof. Adongo the project targeted not only the primary schools but also the host communities.

Some of the beneficiary schools  with completed projects include Wang'anga primary, Oren primary, Karanda primary, Nyomwaro primary all in Nyando district and Ndori primary, Siany primary, Apoko primary, Anding'o primary in the neighbouring Nyakach.

Other schools where the projects are still ongoing are Ngere primary and Alwala primary in Seme as well as Kobura primary and St. Annes primary in Nyando district.

Nyamunga assured that her office will work round the clock in ensuring that girl child  access quality education by offering them full support and promised to donate sanitary towels and shoes to the needy pupils.

The women rep  at the same criticized the move by the County government to relocate traders from the active Oile market in Kisumu .

Nyamunga said the County government could have identified an equivalent ground before pushing the traders out of the City market.

The traders mainly composed of  women joined by their area ward Representative Phillip Edwin Anayo last week engaged anti-riot police in a running battle after they stormed Kisumu County Assembly in protest of what they termed as unlawful relocation.

Friday, 12 September 2014


A MEMBER of Kisumu County assembly who joined traders in a demonstration to the County assembly offices in protest of a bill to relocate them from Oyile market has defended his action after he was roundly castigated by other MCAs.
The Milimani market ward representative Phillip Edwin Anayo,has maintained that his decision to join traders in the demonstration was informed by the fact that the traders had not been offered an equal alternative site as opposed to claims that he’s out to sabotage the assembly resolution.
Mr.Anayo while speaking to press in Kisumu town said he was fully behind the idea of face-lifting Kisumu town but called on the Assembly to consider the welfare of traders before implementing such decision.
The assembly had passed to push the traders from Oyile market in City center to the newly constructed Kowino market in remote Manyatta estate.
‘’There are plans by few individuals to grab the market place and we will not allow that to happen because we were electing to protect the people’’ said Anayo.


THE family of the US president Barrack Obama,has made a sensational  claim implicating former Kenyan President Moi for assassinating  Obama senior in a stage managed fatal road accident.

The family further states that the former president Moi’s  regime could have been led into assassinating  the black economist,after he was falsely associated with the abortive coup attempt.

In the book, The Rise and Life of a true African leader, authored by President Obama’s brother, Malik Obama alonside Frank Oyoo, the family suspects that the late Jaramogi Oginga’s political infighting with the government of the day, could have been one of the theories behind his death as most luo scholars were believed to be involved in the coup.

‘’That was mistakenly misunderstood then, Barrack never knew anything concerning the military takeover’’, emphasized Mr. Hawa, the sister to the late senior Obama who described him as a true democrat.

According to the book printed in the United States Of America, Obama, who was arguably a successful drunkard, had not takeN alcohol in the last three days when prior to his death,following alleged brutal freak accident few meters from the convergence of Ngong road and Elgon Road in Kenyan’s capital city of Nairobi.

Eyewitnesses who recorded statement with the traffic department said Obama while cruising in  his imported Chevrolet pickup, in an attempt to avoid head-on collision with a speeding salon car, veered off the road and hit a tree, killing him instantly.

The family is baffled with the fact that, Obama never sustained serious injuries at the time of the accident despite the, ugly carnage.

''What was the motive of car hitting the tree trunk?Then there was lack of injuries to kill him instantly.And who?or what was the motive? Could it be that the government was involved’’, some of the blood chilling questions posed in the book.

In the eve to Obama’s death, the martial court, in an attempt to bring to book abortive coup suspects, had ordered arrest warrant for the Ugenya Member Of parliament James Orengo, then a close ally to the former.

Malik Obama,in his book treats the  government’s response after the death of his father as a suspect, as the accident and the subsequent demise of the Harvard scholar never hit the airwaves , as it would be the case to other prominent people in the government.

Monday, 8 September 2014


TOP officials at the limping Ahero irrigation scheme are on the spot after they ordered for questionable forceful eviction that has rendered over 300 families homeless in Kamagaga village Nyando district.

The operation which was conducted by security forces armed to the teeth drawn from both regular and administration  police also left one child with serious injuries after the wall collapsed on the minor.

The minor was rushed to Ahero sub-district hospital where she was admitted following serious injuries she suffered when the police accompanied by other officials from the irrigation board ruthlessly destroyed the homes.

While reacting to the plight of the affected families Kisumu County women Representative Rose Nyamunga strongly condemned the act saying it was barbaric and inhuman to expose the locals to current rain despite the fact that no notice was issued to them.

Nyamunga said her office has already drafted a threatening letter to relevant bodies demanding for a quick explanation and investigation.

She said it was wrong for the steadily failing irrigation board to embark on mistreating the locals instead of working on jump-starting the company.

The victims who have camped at Ahero multipurpose hall have extended their pleas to the government to quickly chip in and address their problem as they are left homeless in an operation which sharply coincided with the opening of schools.

During the eviction the victims also lost their farm produce,livestock,cash and other valuables including electronic gadgets and mobile phones suspected to have been stolen by the security officers who conducted the operation.

Saturday, 6 September 2014


KISUMU County Women rep office has embarked on innovative agricultural programme aimed at boosting economic standards of locals in the region.

The programme that is being rolled in phases include encouraging fish farming, poultry farming,dairy,rabbit keeping among others.

Already a host of farmers across Kisumu County are engaged in active poultry farming after the office of Rose Nyamunga trained them on the same as well as on fish farming.

Nyamunga has called on interested farmers to quickly construct fish ponds as she tends to use her own fish pond to supply them with fingerlings.

And recently about 40 teachers were picked from different schools to a neighbouring Uasin Gishu County in Rift Valley province where they were trained on modern commercial dairy farming.

A section of the trip beneficiaries have lashed out at those criticizing a chain of agricultural development initiated by Mrs. Nyamunga  terming them a group of busy bodies who are anti-development.

Nyamunga since her electrifying election to the post has been roundly attacked by a caucus of political failures formed by women fashioning themselves as elite business women.

Friday, 5 September 2014



WOMEN from Nyanza province have been challenged to balance politics and development with the region’s poor development blamed on the former.

Speaking at Tom Mboya Labour College in Kisumu today, Kisumu County Women Rep Rose Nyamunga noted that continued politics have led to a staggering poverty in the region.

Nyamunga while addressing over 400 business women drawn from across the County, she called on the women to take advantage of the new constitution and embark of competitive scramble for County tenders with their male counterparts.

During the occasion, the business women under the Umbrella, Kisumu County Women Business Association signed a mega partnership with Chase Bank with an aim of boosting development in the region.

While accompanied by Kisumu deputy governor Ruth Odinga, Nyamunga noted that only a handful of women featured in the recently concluded tender qualification, a move that forced the county government to call for an extension of the process.

She revealed that the partnership will also see a formation of SACCOs in each and every ward where members will work in clusters depending with their respective interests ranging from transportation, farming among others.

  ‘My office is committed to making a difference in the lives of Women, youth and people with disabilities through various projects such as capacity building, table banking, poultry keeping, Dairy cows, goat keeping, provision of clean drinking water, Agribusiness and environmental conservation through tree nurseries for trees and fruits’’, added Nyamunga.

Monday, 1 September 2014



RAFIKI Bank Kisumu branch manager has been caught in a trouser dropping scandal after his two wives accused him of abandoning them for a woman he’s currently eloping with in one of the posh estates in the lake side City.

The two co-wives have now ganged up against the two love birds now in a hide and seek game after their illicit love affair became the talk of the town.

Sources privy to the development revealed that the two women have vowed to ensure that they dim every chances that may make their man go for a third wife.

Troubled Mr. Erick Okinyi Tolo has been operating from her ‘Mpango wa Kando’ house in the prestigious Lolwe estate at the expense of his three children, said to be going hungry.

Drama started after a spy planted by one of the manager’s wives reported a shocking revelation that a well paid Mr.Tolo was frequently spotted hopping from club to club tagged along with the young lady after which they retire at their Lolwe home.

Efforts by both women to convince Mr.Tolo back to his senses have bored no fruits after he adamantly told them off that nothing will make him break his love with the woman.

The lady only identified as Nicole common figure at Kisumu high-end clubs and sources close to her indicated that she’s a frequent visitor to Tanzania, a country that hosts her witch-doctor who supplies her with powerful love portion.

Nicole’s name also prominently features in the list of Kisumu modern prostitute targeting wealthy men only to trick them into impregnating them before they stage manage a break up followed with a legal tussle demanding for wealth sharing.

Staff at the Bank privy to the love triangle can only talk of the matter in a whispering tone as they are afraid of facing their boss for fear of victimization, despite the fact that the man is currently evidently less productive at his work place.

Mr. Tolo whose first wife leaves in the sprawling manyatta estate with the second one leaving with a relative has become a laughing stock in the town given his newly acquired shocking drinking style.

According to a well placed source the two woman now plans to storm the two love birds at their drinking joints with a view of stripping them stiff naked in front of the public, should Mr.Tolo hesitate to come back to his suffering family.