Thursday, 18 September 2014



TOP police officers in Nyanza region have called on the residents of Kisumu to maintain calm as investigations intensified against the police officer connected to a series of robbery incidences at the lakeside City.

A senior AP was among the victims who positively identified the police officer attached to Kisumu central police station after a robbery incident that saw him lost over sh.200,000.

Speaking to the press at their respective  offices Nyanza police regional Co-coordinator Charles Narangwe and regional County commandant Gradus Atinda vowed to stamp out criminal elements in the area despite the fact that the two sharply clashed over the manner at which the recent robberies were handled.

As much as Narangwe maintained that the police acted within the law to gun down an AP and his accomplices in a recently botched robbery Atinda has questioned the manner in which the operation was conducted.

Mr. Atinda said that it was wrong for the trigger happy police officers to gun down suspected criminals who however did not show any sign of resistance by the time the police busted them at their hideout in the sprawling Manyatta estate.

The killing of the AP who was on his holiday resulted to a standoff between the two security organs with reports from other media indicating that irate APs armed to the teeth immediately stormed Kisumu police station in protest of brutal killing of their colleague.

The AP Commandant was quick to argue that the manner at which the AP was killed in his house before his family members including a child was a pointer to the fact that the those involved in the killing were looking for a cover up in what could be racket between them and the slain officer.

According to Atinda, the junior officer was trailed by the police to his house where he was handcuffed before he met his death.

However, Narangwe has maintained that his officers acted within the law by shooting the AP adding that the police is not ready to spare any criminal irrespective of their position in the society.

He further denied that the AP was handcuffed before he was shot and said the police officers who carried out the raid made the response after the AP attempted to fire at the police.

The Nyanza chief police officer added that his officer had no hard feelings towards their AP counterparts and called on them to corporate in fighting crime in the region.

He said Police service was a disciplined unit and a number of rogue police officers have been shown the door over petty offenses and tabled as an example a police officer sacked and charged in court for releasing a chang'aa dealer from the police custody without the knowledge of the OCS.

''If we can sack over such offend that may appear to be petty then it's totally outrageous for one to claim that we have defended someone suspected to be behind robbery'', Narangwe posed.

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