Wednesday, 9 December 2015


A senior Administration Police officer in Kisumu is under investigation following an ugly incident in which he stormed a local club drunk before shooting a customer in a gun drama.

Reports by the victim and other eye witnesses indicate that the gun wielding officer who was in company of three women brandished his pistol threatening to shoot in the club but was subdued and disarmed.

It's in this process that one of the revellers was shot in the leg and later rushed to Jaramogi Oginga Odinga referral hospital where he was treated and discharged.

Trouble started when one of the women in the officer's company hurled unprintable abuses at a group of other revellers while inside elevator leading to the club's floor prompting an immediate heated argument.

It was at this point that the officer withdrew his gun and threatened to shoot at the group on the ground that his women were offended but the panicking revellers managed to disarm him.

However, he was later handed back the gun upon pleading and identifying himself as a cop but surprisingly engaged the group in a fresh war,this time round literally chasing them with his gun on target.

Irate customers wrestled the evidently drunk officer in an attempt to snatch away the gun from him and in the process one person got shot in the leg as others scampered for safety.

A contingent of Administration Police officers drawn from the dreaded Quick Response Unit who were on patrol later traced the injured man to the hospital before bundling him into the police Land-cruiser, as he waited on the line to be treated, to the surprise of nurses and other patients.

The team which was taking orders from the officer identified as inspector Mike later drove the injured man in a pool of blood to another house in the sprawling Manyatta Estate where they fished out another man from his house and beat him senselessly.

''I was sleeping when at around 3 am a group of police men armed with rungus broke into my house before they started clobbering me on accusations that i was part of the group at the club'', said the man who is still reeling in pain.

It's reported that the man was forced to swim in sewage water while being clobbered as Inspector Mike and his women watched from his probox car.

One of the revellers reported the gun drama at Kisumu Central Police Station under OB no. 03/12/15.

Nyanza province regional coordinator Francis Mutei vowed to take stern action against the officer for misconduct.

''That was very dangerous and it was just by the Grace of God otherwise it could have been another story by now,many lives could have been lost'', lamented Mutei.

Mutei who is the regional security committee chairman said it was sad that his juniors were trying to hide the incident from him only to get the story from his civilian intelligence.

A police officer at Central Police station who declined to be named given that he's not authorized to speak to the press, said the AP was later arrested,locked at the station and released the following morning.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015


An artificial conflict between the Luhyia and Luo communities is being brewed by the detractors of CORD regarding the so-called Maseno boundary.

Speaking to press a section of Kisumu residents led by Willis Osir cautioned all CORD supporters in Vihiga and Kisumu counties not to be trapped by detractors, led by Governor Akaranga, into an unnecessary conflict in Maseno.

They claimed Amani National Congress is crying for attention in Luhyialand by creating conflict between the Luhyia and their neighbors.

Osir noted that drawing Prime Minister Raila Odinga's name into the issue demonstrates the ill motives of the promoters of this evil agenda.

‘’They want division in the CORD family so that they can harvest the spoils’’ he added.

The residents appealed two communities around Maseno to continue living in peace and to dismiss Akaranga's mischievous intentions with the contempt they deserve.

Some leaders have suggested a wall be built at Maseno to solve the border dispute between Kisumu and Vihiga counties.

The proposal was made during a meeting between elders and sub county peace committee members at Ojola, Kisumu North Sub County.

Kisumu residents said the wall, similar to the 1,000km one being put up on the Kenya-Somalia border, will stop destruction of property by their neighbours from Vihiga County.

According to Osir, the colonial demarcation should not be viewed to mean that one cannot purchase land outside his community adding that everyone has a constitutional right to live in any part of the country.

Monday, 17 August 2015



KISUMU residents are planning a fierce demonstrations to protest against a leakage that a cock-shot cop Kondele OCS Johnstone Wanyamab has been unceremoniously  transferred to western Kenya as insecurity escalates at the lake side City,.

The irate locals have vowed that they would continue with the demonstration until the government considers revoking the abrupt transfer of Wanyama .

The step seemingly orchestrated by dark forces at Vigilance house has evidently surprised many including former Prime Minister Raila Odinga who has hailed Wanyama for the good work at the region.

Yesterday a meeting that was held by Boda boda operators and businessmen in town resolved that the demonstration is set to take place in the course of the week should the office of Inspector General of police and that of National Police Service Commission Johnston Kavuludi fail to take immediate reversal action.

Wanyama a man comparably at one time Kenyan most dreaded cop Patrick Shaw (Romeo nine) rose to frame given his combative response while dealing with equally dreaded criminals.

Independent investigations have revealed that already criminals in Kisumu are on celebratory mode saying that the exit of Wanyama is a signal of business as usuall to them.

The matter is currently at the table of ranking government officials and relevantly being monitored by the deputy Inspector of the police Grace Kaindi and a host of politicians including Nairobi Senator Mike Sonko, a man so close to the Kenyan President Uhuru Kerntyatta.

Back in Kisumu, business fraternity led by one prominent business mogul Edward Onyango aka Bob lamented the rumoured transfer of Wanyama saying he was the only cop with the required capacity to deal to the boot with runaway insecurity in the region.

However security experts are reading mischief in Wanyama’s transfer questioning the move at a time they expected him to lead security operations in the region.

Just hours before the transfer Kisumu residents remained a happy lot after the dreaded cop recovered a dangerous weapon and managed to arrest over 100 suspected criminals at Obunga Estate in Kisumu.

The home made gun resembling AK-47 was recovered during a day time serious operation that also saw over 1,000 liters of illicit brew and more than 100n rolls of bhang netted.

Tension is high in Kisumu as locals are planning to petition President Uhuru Kenyatta to revoke the transfer of the ‘friendly but fierce cop’ Wanyama and they have vowed to proceed on the street should the sad news turn to be true./

Wednesday, 12 August 2015



A FIREBRAND lady politician from Nyanza has criticized believed loudly questioned deal between Kenyan President Kenyatta and dictator Ugandan counterpart Musaveni deal that would see both Nations trade on milk and sugar.

President Yoweri Museveni argued that Kenyan exports to Uganda are estimated at $700 million compared to imports worth $180 million. He thanked Uhuru for allowing his country to export sugar to Kenya so as to bridge the trade gap.

However the opposition has termed the move selfish and bad for Kenyan Industries especially the local sugar industries.

Speaking to the press Kisumu County Women representative Rose Nyamunga wondered why Uhuru signed the deal knowing that Western Kenya sugar industries are almost closing down.

 Nyamunga further told Uhuru to explain why he bailed out Mumias Sugar knowing very well that he is going to sign such a suspect deal.
  The iron lady termed the deal as a shocker in its most negative sense adding that Uhuru was simply in Kampala for personal gain and he doesn’t care about the interest of the nation.
Kenyatta family owns Brookside Dairy Limited which controls about 60% of the market share, which is way above that of New KCC.If the deal is implemented then Brookside might be the biggest beneficiary.
Nyamunga called on the Kenyan citizens to wake up and smell the coffee following recent statement by the US President Barrack Obama and Kenyans should rise up against bad leadership.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015



DREADED sniper cop in Kisumu is now hunting a most wanted youngster but deadly criminal believed to be behind a gruesome killing of MPESA agent at the notorious manyatta estate in Kisumu city.

Speaking to the press in his office Wanyama said that the gang of two dangerous criminals stormed an mpesa agent  at Manyatta estate next to a mosque commonly referred to as ‘’ moskikiti’’ before ordering an agent  to give in to their demands,.

Immediately after this, one of the seemingly trigger happy youngsters shot at the wall, this according to the Kondele OCS Wanyama.

However, it reflected and hit the victim on the chest was pronounced dead immediately he was rushed into an emergency ward in Kisumu.

Wanyama said he was furiously in hunt of the suspected killer Phillip Odhiambo Boro and has urged members of the public to corporate with the police in the fight.

He said the dangerous criminal on the loose has few partners he has recruited in terrorizing the community.
Few days back, the two daring criminals escaped the wrath of locals when they openly fired in the air in a successful but had a narrow escape from the police and members of irate public.

‘’Those guys were armed to the teeth and I can authoritatively   confirm that whatever the machine they used to scare the public was an AK assault rifle’’ [, he said.

Recently a gun of the same description according to the police was allegedly used in a series of killings in the region.

The tough talking Wanyama said he was after the weapon believed to be in the hands of a most wanted Kisumu dangerous criminal. 

One of the criminals in the gang was shot dead  in Kolua of Kisumu County.

Investigations by the Weekly Citizen Newspaper has revealed that the deadly firearmused in terrorizing members of Kisumu City is being hidden somewhere between Corner-Mbaya and white house club in Manyatta by the widow of the gunned late.

She has assumed the name of white widow given that fact she is a known security risk being compared by many with the infamous ‘’white widow ‘’ terrorist hunted by the international police on terrorism ground.
‘’I’m appealing to the family of the late young man Gilbert Ochieng to remain calm as we try our best to ensure justice prevails’’, Wanyama.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015


A BAR owner in Kisumu has threatened to move to court after local police allegedly stormed his premises clobbered staff and forcefully broke into rooms breaking doors and windows  against presidential order that property not be destroyed in the current down on illicit drinks.

The club owner Edward Onyango aka Bob said the officers at the same time took away approved alcohol to the police station but returned only half of it after he intervened.

The ugly incident comes just a day after Kisumu DC during a meeting with security agents and officials from the KRA warned that property should not be destroyed in the crackdown.

‘’They even confiscated valid drinks from EABL, KWAL,SIERRA among others of which none was in the list of second generation suspended  products as posted by KEBS last Friday’’ posed Bob.

The regional DC Erastus Ekidor while briefing the press after the high level meeting warned that no property should be destroyed adding the operation was to be carried out under the law.

According to eye witnesses the police officers in a convoy of six vehicles stormed the place before they started clobbering staff and clients while other visitors who had booked themselves in the place had to scamper for after the officers forced them out of the rooms.

Efforts by the management to produce documents proving that the products were genuine bore no fruits as the officers quickly pack the products and left in a huff.

Later there was drama at the police station after the club owner and police engaged in a heated debate on cash bail terms.

‘They were demanding sh.7000 to work on a cash bail for the five of my staff to released on another sh. 20,000 something I out rightly declined’’ Bob added.

Monday, 22 June 2015



KIAMBU County Women representative Anne Nyokabi in partnership with her Kisumu County counterpart Rose Nyamunga launched an innovative programme that will see school going children mentored.

Addressing the press during the launch of programme at CITAM church in Kisumu, the duo accompanied by former Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s wife Ida Odinga revealed that the programme is aimed at instilling positive thinking among school going children.

The two leaders while speaking to over 500 pupils from different schools, noted that the under the programme pupils will have opportunity to showcase different talents adding that this was in view of curbing immorality among children.

‘’ Identifying and nurturing talents at such early stage will help the children in positive thinking ‘’, said Nyamunga.

Nyamunga has been on the forefront fighting for gender rights, empowering women and youth in the County.
The women leader has received applauds from locals given her tireless efforts in initiating a number of projects geared at improving voters welfare.

Nyokabi said they will make use of the programme to invite church leaders for spiritual nourishment during a session that brings together Women representatives across the nation.

The Kiambu women leader said she was excited by the kind of work Nyamunga is doing on the ground after she toured different projects in the region and vowed to do the same in her own County.

Nyokabi said she’s ready to work with leaders from different part of the country to change the lives of women and youths through economic empowerment to curb drug addiction and general immorality that leads to early deaths.

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Coca-cola partners with Kisumu women Rep Nyamunga in Distribution of free coke branded kiosks.


THE office of Kisumu Women representative office has partnered with the leading soft drink producer Coca-cola in a mega project that will see a distribution of 600 coke branded kiosks to small and medium businessmen across Kisumu County.

Speaking to the press at the new coca-cola plant in Kisumu, Women representative Rose Nyamunga and top officials from coca-cola confirmed that the process is schedule to kick-off this coming Friday.

Mrs. Nyamunga said the project is in line with her campaign promise to uplift living standard of her electorates by ensuring that they are economically empowered.

Her sentiments were echored by Coca-cola regional MD Enreeky and General sales and marketing manager Mr. Paul Odeyo who vowed to work hand in hand with the women leader in promoting general welfare of the locals.

The two top officials from Coca-cola challenged others leaders to emulate the gesture displayed by Nyamunga in forging relationship with corporate bodies on development front.

Mrs. Nyamunga was quick to applaud the company for its long standing effort in rewarding its loyal clients by imitating creative empowerment programs.

Coca-cola Company at the same time revealed they were considering a strong long lasting relationship with the women representative office that will see both bodies offers helping hand to the disadvantaged in the society by exposing them to quality education.

‘’Through the programe we are going to ensure that girls remain in schools by providing them with sanitary towels and other relevant requirements’’, Nyamunga said.

Notably, last week over 20 girls sponsored by the women representatives were all smiles as during their graduation at the Jaramogi Oginga Odinga University.

The development comes at a time the women leader hit the ground to campaign for voter registration Nyanza region a head of 2017 general elections.

‘’Jakom remains with only one bullet and to ensure he hits the target we must all register as voters and make the dream come true’’, she told crowds during her stop overs across the county.

Nyamunga confirmed that her projects were also targeting the old and the disabled in the society adding already she has worked on a plan to open up Saccos for the group.

The above group will also receive free food stuffs, clothing and medical attention that has been designed to run on a monthly basis.

Thursday, 14 May 2015


  A youth group in Kisumu has lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for the recently launched project in Nyalenda a notorious a sprawling estate in the lakeside city of Kisumu under a programme dubbed youth empowerment and slum upgrading.

Addressing press in Kisumu town this morning the Youth group, Change In  A life commonly referred to as CHINA  challenged other top political leaders to take a cue from the head of state in ensuring that youth are empowered.

CHINE  secretary Mr. Salim Ombima Aka Boy lamented that the opposition has a tendency of putting the country into a campaign mood instead of paying attention to the development and peace.

Through the Nyalenda project approximately 4,000 youths from the informal settlement will be engaged in clean-ups and construction of toilets, medical clinics and police posts.

Mr. Ombina noted that the move has boosted regional in terms of economy and called on the president to consider making numerous tours in the region.

Mr. Ombina at the samer time thanked the locals for the rousing welcome offered to the head of state saying it was a sign of total maturity from the voters.

The president said the upgrading of Nyalenda slum paves the way for the improvement of the remaining three informal settlements of Manyatta, Obunga and Nyawita in Kisumu County.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015


 The National Speaker Justin Muturi is under more fire following accusations from a section of women Mps of harassment at a time he’s exposed to the wrath of Kenyans following a suggestion that Women rep posts be scrapped.

Speaking in Kisumu at different events Kisumu County Women Rep Rose Nyamunga said snatching them the positions would a mount to declaring war against the female gender and by extension girl child.

Nyamunga noted that their presence in the parliament has created a positive impact on the girl child as opposed to before when the girl child received less attention from political leadership mostly dominated by male.
She cited an example of Uwezo Fund and table banking which have been largely championed by the women representatives to help women and youth groups in the counties.

                                       NYAMUNGA ON BOREHOLES INSPECTION IN SEME

‘’We have been active in parliament and it’s very clear that we have introduced numerous bills and motions that touch on the lives of women in the rural area’’ she added.

Mrs. Nyamunga revealed that the Speaker has on several attempts thwarted their move to contribute in the August house and would always demand that they bow down to him in a King like manner before they are given a chance to talk.


Operations at Monarch Insurance Company Kisumu branch was almost brought to a stand still when a prominent businessman furiously stormed the premises in protest of what he termed as calculated delay in paying his claims.
Mr. Anthony Kamau Njoroge, a real estate agent with Maran holding Ltd, while addressing journalists after the ugly incident said the company has remained dodgy in paying his claims one year down the line after the time of accident.
The according to investigations report certified by the Insurance claims Manager and which is in our possession the accident occurred on 25th November 2014 along Londiani- Muhoroni road at Kiprichat area.
Njoroge at similarly according the regional branch manager of being rude to him on his several attempts to recover the vehicle adding that prior to the drama the said branch manager had told him ‘’to go slow if I wanted my claims to go through’’.
However when contacted for her comments, Monarch Insurance Company regional manager Mrs. Vivian Njenga in a counter accusation said Njoroge ‘’ was only impatient to wait for his turn as we have many clients in our wait list’’.
Mrs. Njenga at the same time accused Njoroge of over blowing the issue as she made a local arrangement with him to access the claims despite the fact that he has defaulted in premium payment in two consecutive years.
‘’I made him qualify as a good friend of mine despite the fact that he has not paid premium for two years in row and he should know that instead of going round badmouthing me’’, said Mrs. Njenga while speaking in her office along Oginga Odinga street.

Our investigations have however revealed that a number the company which has sweet talking agents have remained dodgy in paying claims and this was confirmed when the branch manager bluntly told the writer that they have no specific payment period.

Tuesday, 7 April 2015



THE gesture by Kisumu Women Representative Rose Nyamunga who spent her Easter Holiday at her County in promoting Education and modern farming has been roundly lauded by electorate who vowed to offer her another chance in the office.

Unlike many leaders who resorted to exotic holiday treat, Mrs. Nyamunga opted to connect with the locals and simultaneously distributed Sanitary Towels to various schools before meeting a host of Women groups with information on modern farming techniques, a noble step aimed at promoting food security.

During her Easter Holiday tour at Masara Primary school Prize giving day and which coincided with the holiday the Women representative distributed Textbooks, apart from showering with gifts students and teachers who registered best performance in their particular subjects.

The move follows her recent successful visit to UK, where the legislature presented her blue-print to various investors on viable means to eradicate poverty in Kisumu County through modern farming.

Addressing farmers at Nyangore in Muhuroni Constituency, Mrs. Nyamunga revealed that investors are ready to start an irrigation project within the County for improved for security.

She lamented reports by different research bodies indicating that Kisumu County locals spend a whooping sh. 75 million everyday in purchasing food stuff adding this has slapped negative impact on the development front.

According to Nyamunga, the food security project will also be supervised by other relevant government agencies including the Ministry of Agriculture and  National Irrigation Board.

Wednesday, 1 April 2015


 The recent move by president Uhuru Kenyatta to insist that Governors, Senators and Mps to resign over corruption continues to attract sharp criticisms as a section of Women representatives term it illegal and an act of dictatorship.

Led by Kisumu Women representative Rose Nyamunga the leaders fired back saying that the president had no moral authority to call for the resignation of County leaders adding he should only focus at national level.

This comes even as the head of state maintained that the constitution states that once the integrity of an elected leader is in question, he should no doubt resign.

Speaking in Nairobi immediately after landing from an International trip Mrs. Nyamunga called on other leaders and members of the public to come out gun blazing in resiting the move by the president.

The president through State House spokesman Manoah Esipisu said that there are no grounds for the legislators to refuse to resign from office over corruption allegations since they are elected leaders.

The Kisumu Women representative view has been echoed by Governors who are now preparing the ground to for a seemingly hairsplitting legal duel in fight of what appears to be an Executive directive.
Already the Governors lawyer Ahmednassir Abdullahi has set the ball rolling by advising the governors mentioned in a report on corruption to stay put.

Friday, 27 March 2015



A KISUMU based journalist is living in fear following death threats from a man believed to be a senior member of a dreaded criminal gang in the Lakeside City.

The scribe Mr. Jared Opiyo was forced to report to the regional CID boss Moses Ndindi and other top government officials after he was confronted by one Audi Ogada who issued him with threats on the ground that te journalist was snooping and exposing their criminal activities in the region.

Mr. Audi Ogada who camouflages as the de facto chairman to a group dubbed Kisumu residesnts voice attacked the journalist last week when the two bumped onto each other at the Kisumu court of appeal during the hearing of impeachment case against Kisumu County Assembly speaker Ann Adul.

Prior to the incident Mr. Ogada had at one point trailed the journalist at his Estatae in Dunga beach accompanied by a battery of goons from the terror Unit where they warned him together with another journalist Omari Akello against exposing the group’s activities.

Jared Opiyo filed a story that was authoritatively reported by Weekly Citizen indicating a
money minting racket in which Kisumu county government loses a whooping sh 3 million daily through corrupt traffic and KRA officers in cahoots with bus stage cartel has been exposed.

They story exposed how American marine group members widely linked to the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga are leading a flashy life courtesy of untaxed revenue a move that is said to have contributed to the poor performance posted by the Kisumu county government, which recently scored one percent in World Bank rating.

The dirty money according to our investigations is collected by two well known ghost workers from the Kisumu county government operating under blessings of troubled governor Jack Ranguma.

The duo said to be equally rich given their position in the corruption mix are one Muga and Rashid Onda and who have not been affected by the usually frequent transfers.

Others controlling a catalogue of dubious businesses at the bus park stage are Jacksnee,Jacktone Ojuang aka Ponge, Daudi,Paulo and Kobi who is also believed to be in money laundering business for the cartel.

Apart from enjoying un-taxed money the group has also been accused by matatu owners of charging sky-scraping illegal fee for one to be allowed enter the stage and collect passengers.

‘’We are calling upon the government to intervene and rescue us from this group who have threatened to unleash terror on us whenever we fail to cooperate’’ said one matatu owner who requested not to be named for fear of victimization.

And recently  a manager at the National petrol station at the stage complained to this writer saying the dreaded group has turned his place into a parking place and his move to kick them out of the place have only been met by threats.

During the confrontation Audi chest thumped saying he was the chief engineer in current troubles facing their historical opponent group China Squad believed to be propagating president Uhuru Kenyatta ideologies.

‘You should get it clear that I am a dangerous man and I have all the powers to dictate which police officer stays in Kisumu’ he told the journalist adding that it was through his influence that another veteran scribe Anderson Ojwang was fired as the Kisumu bureau chief.

The furious regional CID boss however confirmed to the scribe to remain bold in performing his duties and promised to summon Audi to his office for the purpose of recording a statement.