Monday, 25 August 2014


TENSION has gripped troubled Kisumu police Station as junior officers resort to a go slow in protest of a surprise transfer of the OCS who exits the office in less than six months after he was posted to tackle sky-rocketed crime in the region.

Traders in Kisumu have at the same time threatened to stage a demonstration demanding for OSC John Mutui’s transfer cancellation after it emerged that Kisumu graft lords are behind the development.

Questions lingering among the junior officers in Kisumu and at vigilant house in the capital Nairobi, demand for an explanation on why the OSC becomes the target for transfer despite his remarkable work that has seen a drastic decline of insecurity in the region.

Before his transfer to Kisumu, insecurity was evidently the order of the day at the lake side City as the security team, ostensibly pocketed by petty criminals and their high-end counterparts involving the filthy rich Indians, loudly slept on the job.

Police sources have indicated that the OCS as been tabled as a sacrifice lamb in a transfer that initially targeted senior police officers including the PCIO and the provincial Commander who have been roundly accused of collecting protection fee from the Indian business community and other criminals, including those in the infamous ‘’wash wash’’ business.

The area DCIO has also been prominently mentioned as one of the rogue police officers stuck in the web of Indian cartels.

The DCIO and his County boss are still fighting revelation that an Indian in Car trade bribed them with one car each in attempt to conceal his illegal activities.

The young millionaire, proprietor of RANA motors, is also rumoured to be engaged in drug business and most recently was taken to court by his business rival following bizarre discovery that he had imported over 200 vehicles using his rival’s company name in a bid to dodge tax.

It’s against this background that the senior officers in the region made a resolution to ‘’destroy’’ anyone seen to be spoiling the party.

Since his first day at the office as the Kisumu OSC, Mutui has been hailed by locals who are happy by his ways of operation as opposed to his predecessor who spent most of his times in local pubs instead of fighting crime.

His predecessor frequent absence from the station worked well for those in cahoots with criminals as he was only informed of the loots in the pubs as opposed to Mutui who maintained hawk-eye on every activity at the station apart from distancing himself from the group that takes bribes.

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