Thursday, 21 August 2014



DRAMA unfolded in Kisumu last week when a former member of a youth group dubbed China Squad was forced to take on his heels after the group members descended on him with kicks and blows.

The former gang leader Boy Akoth made an impromptu visit at the China Squad base, accompanied by two heavily built men before he demanded for his reinstatement as the group’s chairman.

His demand however elicited strong resistance from the other members leading to a heated debate prompting the former leader to ask his body guards to swing into action.

Instead the Boy and his two body guards were quickly subdued by the irate China Squad members who ordered them to sit down on the ground and roughed them up before they dramatically took on their heels leaving traders and other passer -bys who witnessed the event in stitches.

According to the members, a resolution to eject Boy was reached at afew months back after it emerged that he was associated with criminal activities in and within Kisumu compounded with the fact that he swindled the group’s money.

After his unceremonious ouster from the group widely associated with the ruling coalition’s senior partner TNA, Boy according to privy sources has remained a wounded man who has been issuing death threats to his friends turned foes.

Records also indicate that he’s one of those in the police watch list in regards to insecurity at the lake side city after his name was prominently mentioned as one of those deadly gangsters in position of illegal firearms.

In one incident police officers guarding Kisumu Commercial Bank were forced to cock their guns after the notorious Boy and his gang members attacked a journalist, Mr. Omari Akello accusing him of taking to the press his criminal activities.

The Tuesday incident surprised the police officer when the gang members attempted to attack the scribe in their presence.

Matters were only solved after the journalist who was accompanied by a colleague from the Lake Star Newspaper, Dickson Odhiambo managed to convince the police to set them free after the gang pleaded with the same journalist they attacked.

China Squad came into limelight a head of last general elections after it engaged another rival group American Marine into a supremacy war.

‘We are not gangsters and that’s the same reason we had to eject Boy out of the group…because he has gangster mentality as opposed to our ideologies which are majorly based op peace and development’’, said other China members.

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