Saturday, 16 August 2014


PRESSURE now mounts on Kenyan spy agency to produce evidence on a tycoon the unit sensationally marked as a terror man cleared in work permit scandal by Interior cabinet Secretary Joseph Ole Lenku.

A section of top government officials and investors in the country have challenged the troubled National Intelligence service to table evidence in support of its claim that the Pakistani national Mohammed Igbal Wasim a deadly terrorist engaged in organic crime,money laundering and financing Al-Shabaab.

Mr. Wassim was slapped with the allegations and subsequent  permit cancellation following a hot letter from the National Intelligence service to the department of immigration that demanded the businessman permit application be cancelled.

It took the intervention of the CS Ole Lenku to have Wasssim get a work permit after those behind the controversial permit cancellation failed to support their action with evidence. 

Those behind the Interior CS Ole Lenku have described him as a true professional when he declined to recommend action against Wassim on the basis of his brother and his subsequent order to NIS to provide his office with evidence.

The unfolding drama brings to the minds of many a pending case at Kisumu court in which another Pakistani has been   accused of harbouring   illegal immigrant at the lake side City.

The controversial Pakistani businessman  was arrested after word leaked that the brother he was accused of harbouring was secretly jetted into the country a head of the drug haul intercepted in Mombasa.

The family which is not new to troubles had to fight hard throwing money after their  father another business tycoon  was dramatically arrested with 150kgs and deported before the then Immigration minister Otieno Kajwang ostensibly silently intervened and have him back in Kenya.

Sources familiar with their crime and drug deals indicated that the Old man has been hiding in Mombasa four years down the line from the time he was sneaked back into the country and it's at the coastal side where he's said to have graduated in the shoddy deals and boats of local security protection.

The twin cases coupled with current insecurity in the country have led to chorus condemnation of the two pivotal units in the nation, the NIS and the department of immigration as pressure mounts on President Kenyatta to stage a serious overhaul in the two units.


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