Tuesday, 19 August 2014



SHARP divisions have emerged between Nyanza leaders over what appears to be baseless allegations that the local police are colluding with criminals and that nepotism is the order of the day at Kisumu police station.

The leaders were reacting to constant scathing attack at Kisumu police by one of the Weekly Newspaper that screamed two weeks in a row accusing the local police of corruption.

The Weekly Citizen Newspaper widely known for its extremist recently embarked on carelessly attacks on Kisumu police even as locals hails the current police formation for the peaceful environment they have been enjoying of late as oppose to per-reshuffle when insecurity was the order of the day at the lake side city.

In what appears to be outright malicious war against the current crop of security in the region wild claims emerged that insecurity within Kisumu town was attributed to a dangerous criminal aided by senior police officers within central police Station to escape from police custody.

According to the story, the criminal is operating with full protection of a senior police officer in the area and is the man who gives him daily updates of police operation, an information angled to help him escape police dragnet whenever he's marked as the target.

However investigations by a number of concerned bodies including SCOOPDESK have revealed that the current war against the regional police is something well oiled by political leaders bent to ensure that they have their cronies posted in the area.

Reliable statistics fully supports the theory with indications that criminal activities in the area has drastically declined under the current police structure and many interviewed expressed their satisfaction on the level of security.

TNA activist James Kirunda was quick to add that those attacking the current police order in the region were leaders with questionable interest as their aim was to see Kisumu become a town of lawlessness where security personal can be intimidated by politicians.

Kirunda challenged those aggrieved by security structure in Kisumu to consult constitution as opposed to their weird thinking that only Luos should head every department in Nyanza, a foolish interpretation of devolution.

The leaders who have singled out hardworking officers surprised many with their constant protest that security in Kisumu has a full tribal picture a fact that has been roundly rubbished.

Evidently Kisumu Police structure is infested by ''boys'' from Rift valley and not from the OCS's tribal, Kikuyu has claimed by the leaders.

In one the recent meeting and which SCOOPDESK planted a mole the same leaders unanimously agreed on ensuring that they put pressure on the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga to ensure that the current crop of senior police officers in Kisumu are replaced by another ''friendly'' group, and that was their agenda number four.

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