Monday, 28 October 2013


SMOKING HOT journalist Mohamed Ali of the acclaimed Jicho Pevu has scathingly attacked President Kenyatta over his warning to Kenyan Media amidst raging war between the scribes and the authority.

‘’ You're not supposed to be so blind with patriotism that u can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who says it. KENYA ni ya WAKENYA’’ Ali posted on his official social media account.

President Kenyatta has defended police Inspector General David Kimaiyo over claims that he has positioned himself to curtail media freedom after he issued to warrant of arrest to Ali and his partner Allan Namu following the exclusive Westage report.

Kimaiyo has been under sharp criticism from media organizations, lawyers and rights groups after issuing summonses to Standard Group boss Sam Shollei and KTN journalists Mohammed Ali and John-Allan Namu over what he described as an ‘offending expose’ from the Westgate CCTV footage.

In show of support for the brave journalists, one of Ali’s social media fun Pullman Excavators posted :’’ You know you are in kenya when the president says we all make mistakes. Is it that if these heads die Kenya cant survive. There is no room for mistakes when it come to services offered under our tax. If you cant handle the heat, leave for there are so many kenyans available and able to take these jobs. Fuk the bullshit. I obey the law as kenyan as many other kenyans and we hold our contitutional offices to the highest but why the hell do I have to listen to these empty suits on tv yaping crap. Mr president. Do the right and fire this asses’’.

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