Tuesday, 6 August 2013


State House Director of New Media, Digital and Diaspora Dennis Itumbi has declared interest on the Jackal News, the latest flamboyant kid in the hapless Kenyan media scene, scene according to a series of Twitter communication.

The Jackal News, part of the Jackal Media Corporation, was launched in November 2011, with a view of offering the kind of news you will never find in the daily newspapers and on evening news.

Over the years, the website has made tremendous progress, but crucially it has been embedded one of the respected news outfits in the east African nation, home of four daily newspapers, less than a dozen TV channels and scores of FM channels.

It is clear if Itumbi was representing himself, unknown investors or his employer, but the Jackal News’s board of directors will make a decision based on the offer made that will include not just cash but also staff at Jackalnews and the vision of the new investor, . “We shall make a decision based on the offer being made, but we could very much like to remain in control, so the highest we can offload is 49% of the shareholding” said a Jackal News top official, who requested to remain unnamed because the official is not allowed to talk.

The new offer touched off a firestorm in the Social Media. In December 2012 a Kenyan resident in Canada (Investor)- Rashid Wanjala acquired the then fast rising Kenya-Today.com from political operative Jeff Nyamboga at what many digital media analysts termed as “bullish price”.

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