Wednesday, 5 August 2015



DREADED sniper cop in Kisumu is now hunting a most wanted youngster but deadly criminal believed to be behind a gruesome killing of MPESA agent at the notorious manyatta estate in Kisumu city.

Speaking to the press in his office Wanyama said that the gang of two dangerous criminals stormed an mpesa agent  at Manyatta estate next to a mosque commonly referred to as ‘’ moskikiti’’ before ordering an agent  to give in to their demands,.

Immediately after this, one of the seemingly trigger happy youngsters shot at the wall, this according to the Kondele OCS Wanyama.

However, it reflected and hit the victim on the chest was pronounced dead immediately he was rushed into an emergency ward in Kisumu.

Wanyama said he was furiously in hunt of the suspected killer Phillip Odhiambo Boro and has urged members of the public to corporate with the police in the fight.

He said the dangerous criminal on the loose has few partners he has recruited in terrorizing the community.
Few days back, the two daring criminals escaped the wrath of locals when they openly fired in the air in a successful but had a narrow escape from the police and members of irate public.

‘’Those guys were armed to the teeth and I can authoritatively   confirm that whatever the machine they used to scare the public was an AK assault rifle’’ [, he said.

Recently a gun of the same description according to the police was allegedly used in a series of killings in the region.

The tough talking Wanyama said he was after the weapon believed to be in the hands of a most wanted Kisumu dangerous criminal. 

One of the criminals in the gang was shot dead  in Kolua of Kisumu County.

Investigations by the Weekly Citizen Newspaper has revealed that the deadly firearmused in terrorizing members of Kisumu City is being hidden somewhere between Corner-Mbaya and white house club in Manyatta by the widow of the gunned late.

She has assumed the name of white widow given that fact she is a known security risk being compared by many with the infamous ‘’white widow ‘’ terrorist hunted by the international police on terrorism ground.
‘’I’m appealing to the family of the late young man Gilbert Ochieng to remain calm as we try our best to ensure justice prevails’’, Wanyama.

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