Wednesday, 4 February 2015



PANIC has gripped lakeside city of Kisumu following an attempt by the once dreaded Bhagad turned American marine’s boys to unleash terror on the innocent residents.

The armed thugs courtesy of the late Fidel Odinga have remained a nightmare to the voters even as the local police promise to crash the group before further criminal damage.

Speaking to the press the area new deputy police boss john mwinzi said his office was working round the clock to ensure that Kisumu becomes no going zone for criminal elements.

According to our sources, American marine has formed an habit of storming modern entertainment  joints and after intoxicating themselves ,brandish guns at the patrons claiming that they have a blessing from the former powerful Kenyan prime ministers Riala Odinga whose son the late Fidel is whispered to have facilitated the guns to the criminals.

Fidel Odinga whose political ambition was cut short by his sudden death, according to well placed sources delivered the guns through his political believed allied John Garang’s son.

It’s said that Fidel dished out the powerful weapons at the height of the last general elections when many followers believed his father would be the next head of the state.

Critics and security are however quick to point that the guns at the disposal of the illiterate youths are being misused as club owners in the town make aloud complain and desperate appeal to the police to control the menace.

At one notable point the American marines stormed at the home of one of their perceived rival residential home and pounced on him with crude weapons and senselessly beat him up.

The defunct Bhagdad Boys tuned American marine is a criminal group that left a trail of disasters in Kisumu city and its environs as the country agitated for multi-party democracy.

The new group China Squad quickly assumed positive imagine after engaging itself into development and peace measures with almost all of their members said to be working hand in hands with the President Kenyatta’s government.

The list of American squad criminals currently being hunted by the police consist the name of notorious and de-actor bus  stage chairman only known as Jacksnee while others in the band wagon also equally known by one names as Muga, Steve, Cliff Ojuang ponge ,   Kobi and Daudi.

While addressing the press, China squad spokesman James Kirunda Said his team was a peaceful wing which is currently working hand in hand with the government to ensure that youths in Nyanza access positive gain from the government of the day.

Kirunda lauded President Uhuru Kenyatta for his keenness on matters to do the youths across the nation in terms of development and positive progress.

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