Tuesday, 22 July 2014


THE UAP Insurance Company is on the spotlight following claims from a Kisumu based lady tycoon that the company is in a serious conning business.

Violet Akinyi Ochieng counts as one of the numerous customers who have registered their complaints with the Police and SCOOPDESK alleging that they have received dubious treatment from the cover company even after entrusting them with millions of shillings.

In the case of Akinyi, the cover body UAP ostensibly colluded with a local garage at Kisumu to give her raw deal in her attempts to recover her state-of-the art vehicle Toyota proda which was involved in a grisly road accident one year back.

According to Akinyi, UAP Kisumu branch Auto extreme, has colluded with the garage where her car is being repaired after the accident to extort her of money and the two bodies have gone to the extent of ensuring that the unsuspecting lady’s vehicle is fitted with fake spare parts in replacement of genuine ones.

Akinyi’s Prado was involved in a freaky road accident that left the vehicle KBU 009A with a totally damaged chassis.

The lady who has registered most of her commercial Lorries with the same insurance company now remains a worried individual following the nasty treatment from the UAP.

However the SCOOPDESK has leant that her numerous attempts to engage the company’s headquarters over the matter has turned unfruitful as none of her protesting letters have been replied.

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