Thursday, 26 September 2013


 It has emerged that the prostitute who claimed she was given fake currency by ODM mp Shakil Shabir is a con artist on the loose and is targeting prominent Kenyans for blackmail.

The Mombasa based Luo lady has swindled millions of shillings from politicians and prominent businessmen after making claims of false sexual intercourse with the victims.

Sources familiar to her operations said she has recruited employees at some of the exclusive hotels around the country who in cahoot take nude pictures of their targets while inside the hotel rooms.

The pictures are later Photoshopped to make it appear that the victims were indeed in compromising position with her, before she uses the same photos to intimidate her targets.

After the Shakil story went viral, more than three Nairobi based businessmen who declined to be named called our newsroom desk to confess of how they were swindled money in the same manner.

The lady had claimed that Shakil handed her sh. 20,000 which turned out to be fake currencies after subjecting her into a marathon sex during his visit to Mombasa.

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